NFL Week 6 Power Rankings Reactions​

It’s that time of the week when Elliot Harrison and the team at release their weekly Power Rankings of all 32 NFL teams. Unsurprisingly the Rams continue to lead this week from Kansas City. The Saints have moved up a place to third after a convincing display on Monday Night Football (Congrats Drew Brees on most passing yards in a career). Jaguars have slipped to sixth as Blake Bortles started to look more like, well, Blake Bortles and the defense couldn’t stop Showtime Mahomes. Bengals are somehow still in seventh which is my first major disagreement – I know they recovered a 17 point deficit to beat the Dolphins but I don’t see why any team should be lauded for beating Miami. This Bengals 4-1 start is just a phase and you have to believe it will end soon.

From an overrated team we go straight to an underrated team – Chicago in eighth. Khalil Mack and the Bears defense have been superb thus far this season and if Mitch Trubisky continues his sensational form from the Bears’ week 4 rinsing of the Bucs, this team could be a serious contender. The Chargers were my dark horse pick coming​ into the season so its good to see them crack the Top 10 (just!) – Philip Rivers put in a solid performance at the weekend. Like, really solid. Packers slip four places from last week and I think that 13th is a much fairer assessment of that team – Rodgers might be the most talented quarterback ever but that team has problems all over.

I know the Titans don’t always get the respect they deserve but I think maybe this season they’ve been given a bit too much. They did not look good this weekend. A trend that I predict will continue this week vs. the Ravens. I hope you’re sitting​ down – the Browns are sitting pretty at 16th. Yes, the Cleveland Browns are 16th in the Power Rankings. Maybe Baker Mayfield (#BookerMayhem) still has too many turnovers but this team are so damn exciting to watch. I was on the edge of my seat watching OT vs. the Ravens on Sunday – everyone loves a plucky underdog and Cleveland are plucky as hell! Bucs are at 19th which I think will turn out to be much too high – need I say any more​? Ditto the Dolphins one place behind them. Cowboys are somehow in 23rd even after the lamentable decision to punt on fourth down in OT, Dak needs weapons on the outside and Zeke needs to not be the only option.

The Jets rise five places to 25th making them the highest-ranked​ New York team – a feat that’s hard to argue with. Isaiah Crowell rushing for 219 yards from 15 carries is the most impressive number from an all-around​ impressive performance against the Broncos on Sunday. The Giants are down in 27th after yet another loss – though I will concede that losing to a 63-yard field goal is a tough pill to swallow no matter who you are. There’s been a lot of noise surrounding this team and OBJ hasn’t shied away from controversy of late, but when arguably the most impressive New York play is a ball thrown by a wide receiver​ something isn’t right. Even at 1-4,​ they might have a chance – the NFC East is wide open this season.

At the bottom of the rankings this week is San Francisco after a poor showing against divisional rivals Arizona. As a 49ers fan I would like to protest their positioning but with Garoppolo out for the season its hard to hold out much hope of a recovery, especially with the shockingly mediocre C.J. Beathard at the helm. So, sorry Niners Nation but this season might be a write-off. And that wraps up the week 6 Power Rankings and as usual,​ they made for an interesting read – if you have any thoughts, drop them in a comment below. The full Power Rankings including links to previous weeks’ rankings can be found here.

As an aside, congratulations to Drew Brees on overtaking Peyton Manning to become the all-time passing yardage leader. In a league with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers,​ it’s easy to overlook Brees and all that he has achieved on and off the field – not only is he a tremendous football player but he’s also a great role model. Enjoy your moment Drew, you deserve it!